Employment Opportunities

A Wolfpack Pick Up student driver is responsible for the successful daily execution of the disability transportation program. Drivers will safely transport students on the provided program golf carts to their desired campus destination. The role requires a level of professionalism to properly represent the service and treat the students with kindness and respect. Drivers must be familiar will campus buildings and streets available to access. This job requires each driver to hold the logistical knowledge of arriving to each ride destination with promptness and accuracy.

Essential Functional Areas of Responsibility:

• Responsible for the safety of all passengers and pedestrians on campus
• Drives with extreme caution and awareness of surroundings (for pedestrians, curbs, etc.)
• Manages the operation of the golf cart properly and detects any technical issues that may arise

• Properly reads and executes the rides on each daily schedule
• Understands the importance of promptness for rides
• Maintains a clean golf cart and charges cart at appropriate times

• Communicates with the Graduate and student coordinator promptly
• Speaks to student riders with respect, kindness, and sensitivity
• Accurately represents the program at all times while on campus
• Expresses student feedback from riders and possible areas for improvement

• Treats all riders and pedestrians with respect, kindness, and a smile
• Understands how to appropriately handle students with disabilities
• Holds a strong willingness to help students with their process of entering and exiting the cart
• Wears designated driver polo during working hours
• Arrives to all shifts at least 5 minutes early

Pay: $8.50-$10 per hour

Minimum Experience:
Must be an enrolled NC State University student, in good standing, taking at least 9 credit hours per semester

Required License: Valid Driver’s License

Resume, cover letter, contact information for references

To apply visit our ePACK application. For questions email Matt Mirabile, Colin Beamer, and Ian Grooms at wolfpackpickup@ncsu.edu.