Schedule a Ride

Exam Period Hours of Operation: April 30-May 9

  • Monday-Friday from 7:15 a.m-6:05 p.m.

Terms of Service

  1. All rides must be scheduled at least six (6) hours in advance of needed pick up.

  2. Be on time and at your designated pick up location. If we need to make any changes to your pick up location, you will be notified.

  3. Drivers will not wait more than two minutes for you at the pick-up location. Drivers will attempt to contact riders before departing.

  4. This service is not available to friends of requesting student who travel to class together.

  5. Three or more no-shows without a valid excuse will result in a temporary ban from the program.

  6. Failure to adhere to the changes/cancellation guidelines will result in a temporary ban from the program.

    How do I edit or cancel my rides?

    Riders can cancel or edit their rides via their confirmation email. Select the “Change/Cancel Appointment” button, then cancel your ride or edit the form to adjust the time and location of your pick up and/or drop off.


Contact us at or via telephone at 919-515-5465. Please leave us a message, and we will get back to you within two business days.