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Employment Opportunities

Join the Team!

Our team prides itself on our positive attitudes and hard work. Drivers are responsible for executing the daily activities of the program, including (but not limited to) regular pick-ups and drop-offs, coordination with other drivers, weekly or biweekly staff meetings, excellent communication skills, and adaptability to unexpected needs.

**We have closed our application cycle for Fall 2023. Keep checking our website for updates regarding Spring 2024!

Essential Functional Areas of Responsibility

  • Responsible for the safety of all passengers and pedestrians on campus
  • Drives with extreme caution and awareness of surroundings (for pedestrians, curbs, etc.)
  • Manages the operation of the golf cart properly and detects any technical issues that may arise
  • Properly reads and executes the rides on each daily schedule
  • Understands the importance of promptness for rides
  • Maintains a clean golf cart and charges cart at appropriate times
  • Communicates with manager and staff promptly
  • Speaks to riders with respect, kindness, and sensitivity
  • Accurately represents the program at all times while on campus
  • Accepts feedback from riders
  • Treats all riders and pedestrians with respect and kindness
  • Understands how to appropriately work with community members with disabilities
  • Holds a strong willingness to help
  • Arrives to all shifts at least 10 minutes early

Additional Information

Student-drivers are employees of the university, paid $10 per hour with the opportunity for raises based on number of years on staff.

All student-drivers must be enrolled part-time or full-time, in a degree-seeking program, and in good standing with NC State University.